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PMU16 - Controlling Fan with PWM

PDM Installation & Configuration

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There are several posts related to controlling fans via PWM but nothing that I find it conclusive to PMU16. Therefore I started a thread here to discuss the possible ways.

I am currently setting up my Link G4x Fury and PMU16 for my MR2 with the 2GR-FE engine. I wanted the car to run efficiently. So one of my ideas is to have the radiator Fan run at 3 speeds. I have set it up in the PC Link software for the Fan and sent the output via CAN Message to PMU16.

In my PMU16, I'm using two 25amp outputs for the two fans that run concurrently every time it is ON. Now how can I set the fan to run at 30%, 50% and 100%speed using PWM.

My idea is when the PMU16 receive a CAN message of Engine Fan1 from Link ECU, then the output sends a PWM signal to the fan to runs 30% speed. When receive CAN message of Engine Fan2, it runs 50%, and when receiving the Engine Fan3 message, it runs 100%.

At the Link ECU, I have transmit the message as Engine Fan Output 1, 2 and 3 and PMU16 receive the CAN message label here in the PMU16 software as Fan_slow, Fan_medium and Fan_Fast.



How to attach the .pmu and .pclx files here in the thread? i believe it would be better if i could share my file setup for PMU and LINK ECU for ease of reference. The file attachment system just won't let me attach both of this file format

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