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Pmu/H-Bridge wiring help

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Hello everyone!

I’ve got an ecu master pmu16 AS, their H-bridge module, and a 12 pin can keypad. I’d like to use the Canbus network in order to control both the pmu and H-bridge functions and was wondering how it should be wired. The keypad comes with a female connector from factory, I was wondering if using the aem can hub would be a possible solution for neat wiring in this scenario?

I’d love to use the keypad for functions throughout the ecu and dash as well, however using an aem dash and ecu means they won’t be able to communicate properly according to AEM. I’ll be using the PMU inputs and outputs along with the keypad to control these specific functions instead.

Thanks in advance!

What AEM dash and ECU are you using?

The CD5/7 are very open ended CAN wise and you can add basically whatever you want for receive transmitting messages.

A hub is a tidy way to tackle CAN connections, I generally just build it into splices in the harness.

The CD7's and PMU have 2 can buses, you could run the ECU on one bus and the Hbridge on the other. Either AEM or PMU can take the messages from the keypad and transmit to the ECU. Not sure exactly what you're trying to do function wise but I see little reason to 'waste' I/O on things that can be done over CAN...

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