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Sr20VET Haltech 1500

PDM Installation & Configuration

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Hi, I'm having issues with trying to start my setup... if tried everything i can think of, don't know if it's a wiring issue or configuration issue.


Have you confirmed you have:

Compression, proper fuel pressure and injectors spraying fuel, and quality spark plug output?

Compression good, Fuel good, got spark

error message

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At times feels like it wants to start.

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My First build and wiring, any help will highly be appreciated.

From the errors, it seems like your trigger configuration isn't correct. What kind if sensor are you using for the crank and cam? What do the triggers look like? What have you configured in the Haltech to match what you have installed?

Hi David, I have tried a sr20 base map from Haltech that has a distributor to configure. I’m using a stock SR20VET cas sensor.

@David, Correction, I haven’t configured anything as yet. Just loaded the base map. 🙈🙈🙈 my knowledge is extremely poor when it comes to the configuration.

Any help anyone can offer would highly be appreciated…

Any help anyone can offer would highly be appreciated…

Le Roy,

Please post a screen shot of the triggering settings you're using.

You mentioned you're using a distributor, but mentioned using a CAS (cam angle sensor) and I just want to clarify the physical setup you're working with as well. If you could describe it and/or post pics that might help speed the process.

In the meantime, in case it gets you what you need right away, Haltech has info specifically on the SR20 triggering settings here:


And then more info here:


Check out these videos from Haltech that explain how to check if you are using the right trigger settings. Thankfully haltech has a really good built in oscilloscope that allows you to monitor the trigger and home signals to verify they are set correctly.

Also, while doing this. Disable the injectors on the injector tab






Thanks, I’ve watch the videos… think it could be my cas, on the verge of just calling it.

DTC P1300 (Past): Trigger Sync Error

You might be right. I actually replace them before tuning because issues with Nissan CAS are so common, but if you post the scope trace perhaps it will look ok.

Ok so I measured the voltage at my cas, 5.19v and when I swing it drops to 4.56v

The cas suppose to be 12v? Will that impact the start of the vehicle? Another thing I notice when I switch off ignition my spark plugs spark? Not during swinging the engine…🙈🙈🙈

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Yessir, while many cam angle sensors only use 5V, Nissan CAS needs 12V.

Think that mite be the problem, configuring issue or wiring, that the question

Thank you @MikeMcGinnis really appreciate. Back to the drawing board I suppose 🙈🙈🙈..

You're welcome! Stick with it. You'll get it!


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Got it started rough idle but starts now

Thanks so much for all the help

Awesome! Congratulations and you're welcome.

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