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Standalone PDM suggestions for carby / dizzy 70s vehicle

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Hi all, I am planning a full rewire on a customers 1970s Chrysler/mopar. I would like some suggestions on a PDM to use for this application, preferably something easily sourced in New Zealand and without breaking the bank too much.

I have discussed the move to a PDM instead of conventional relays and fuses with the customer, and they are more than happy to go this route. I recently worked with some Haltech PD16s and would love to use one again, but due to the lack of a haltech ecu to control a PD16 this is out of the question.

It is a basic weekend vehicle, no aircon, no heater/demister fan, just the usual other stuff like a stereo. It runs a carburetor and i will be installing an MSD or ICE distributor at the customers request. I require at least 15 inputs and outputs from a PDM.

A few options i have looked into so far are:

Racepak smartwire - This sounds perfect on paper except for the price, especially due to USD vs NZD

ECUMaster PMU16 - sounds ideal but I am unsure if i can use this as a standalone unit without an ECUMaster ECU?

AiM PDM32 - Plenty of outputs (and non-CAN inputs for use with vehicles original switches), But again starting to get a bit pricy

Motec PDM15 - Slightly cheaper than AiM PDM but less than half the outputs (Ideally I would like to futureproof the vehicle with extra outputs)

One other option i did consider would be a Haltech VMS and PD16, But they don't list these for sale on the website anymore, (they may not be compatible with the PD16 either?), controlling a MSD distributor with the VMS of course.

If anyone has suggestions on other units please drop a comment, would be much appreciated, Thanks.

A MoTeC PDM30 would be an option if you like the 15 but need more outputs. It will operate standalone.

The ECUMaster PMU16 will operate standalone. It has some handy features such as being able to have analogue sensors directly wired e.g coolant temperature. The connector on the ECUMaster PMU isn't great.

I would recommend creating a spreadsheet of all the loads you want to independently switch and how much current they will draw, this will help you make your decision.

Thanks for confirming the pmu16.

Motec pdm30 would be great but again its the price...

The headlights are probably the biggest current load so havnt bothered to make a spreadsheet yet, it has a mechanical fuel pump and mechanical engine fan.

Can anyone confirm if MaxxECU PDM20 can be used standalone? Another possible option i forgot to mention, thanks.

The MaxxECU PDM20 can only be used alongside their ECU, Similar to the Haltech implementation. It's a shame because it has some nice features like PWM control on all outputs

ah that's unfortunate. Thanks for confirming again mate

I know it's not a lot of outputs/inputs, but maybe the Link Razor PDM could be enough if you combine some outputs.

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