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Street car accessory ignition position neccesary? Exterior and hazard on a traditional fuse circuit?

PDM Installation & Configuration

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Hi guys, so I am wiring my street car with has a Haltech ECU, PD16 and an keyless ignition module. What I am wondering is:

- Is it neccesary to program the accessory ignition position any more since it will only be for the stereo, power mirrors, lighter.

- Should I keep the exterior and hazard switch on a traditional fuse circuit just in case the PDM fail? If the PDM fail and headlight and tailight is on the PDM it would be dangerous isnt it? the manufacturer put the lights on at least 3 separate circuits for safety reason.


In terms of the number of ignition modes, now it's up to you and your preference.

If you don't see a need for more than a single ignition on, you don't need to create others. That's part of the beauty of full rewires with PDM.

I put all circuits under PDM control when planning a full vehicle harness. As long as you're using a quality PDM, I consider it more reliable than old school relays/fuses. I'll just say when it comes to critical items, make sure you test everything carefully before driving to ensure your programming functions as you want it to under all conditions.

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