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PDM Installation & Configuration

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Hi guys. First post. I’m really struggling to use the toggle function successfully. I have a switch id like to toggle when a condition is met. I have a function working correctly that I’d like to toggle the switch when it == 1. No matter what I do I can’t get the switch value to change. I see my function switch to 1 but no toggling. What am I doing wrong?

thanks in advance.

To add some context here I thought I’d better explain what I’m doing.

I have a momentary switch on my stalk that I’ve connected to an analog input. This controls the toggle up on a switch with 4 states (0,1,2,3). This switch controls my wiper module.

what I’d like is to be able to hold down the stalk and have the switch toggle to the default off state and turn the wipers off. The alternative being to go through all the states to reach off.

hope that helps


How about telling us what brand / model of PDM you are using. What happens on the analog voltage input when you press the momentary switch on the stalk? Does this interact with any other switches on the stalk, or are the completely independent?

Sorry. It’s the Ecumasters PMU 16. The normal setting and cycling of the switch states all work fine and normal. It’s working out how to reset the wipers to off on a hold of the stalk. The stalk switches are all independent and it’s set to pull to ground when pressed.


Can you show us the logic of selecting the wiper switch states? I would suspect that you add some logic in there to set the state to off when a long-hold is true. If you are trying to use the Switch object, I think that's not flexible for what you want to do. You probably need to use the Number object (and choose function) with a set of related functions for the Button Press, and Button Hold.

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