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Wiper Park Switch Help- ECUMaster PMU-16

PDM Installation & Configuration

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I am trying to wire up my wiper motors using my new PMU-16. I have watched the tutorial for the ECU master wiper set-up and followed all of the steps by my Wiper Park Switch is showing a 0 value in the variables inspector and the wipers won't turn off when I am testing. So can only assume the wiring of the motor is wrong or different, the tutorial does not show detail on where the physical wires are connected. Attached below is the wiring diagram for the motor.

I have currently wired it as follows:

Wiper Motor

Wire B/1: park wire/off wired to A3

Wire C/2: Slow wired to 08

Wire D/3: Fast wired to 09

Ground: direct to battery

Control switch

Low: wired to A1

Fast: wired to A2

Ground: direct to battery

Any suggestions for why the PMU isn't reading park?



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How have you configured the A3 input? The ECU Master PMU has the capability to both pull-up and pull-down the signal. You may need a pull-up if the park switch goes to ground or is open when active.

Hi David, cheers for the reply.

I believe I have it set to ground with a 10k pull up. When I first set it up park switch comes up with a value of 1. as soon as I switch to slow or fast, they change to 1. when I return to park the motor just keeps on going and the only way, I can stop it is to turn the pmu off and on again, which is where I get the message. " PMU device data differs from client data " if I click get data from PMU it wipes what I have don, if I use client data it stays as is.

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Well, one way to avoid that would be after making a change, use the "File->Make Permanent", then save your configuration. Now they match even if you switch the master power off.

Sorry I did not look at the Wiper Motor Wiring diagram. That makes it clear that you need to supply 12V power to the switch input (B). I would just wire that to some other 12V source (like 12V ACC power in a street car, or 12V not cranking in the race car).

The motor will only run if the wiper is not in the park position (and stop when it does reach park position), or the Low Speed (C) or High Speed (D) pins have power.

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