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Wiring Headlights with 2 grounds (High/Low) through a PMU

PDM Installation & Configuration

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I'm struggling a bit with coming up with a wiring scheme for my Subaru headlights that doesn't involve adding a relay. Maybe I just have a mental block. I'm installing an ECU Master PDU 16 with a Canbus Keyboard. Would like to control the headlights from the keyboard.

Has anybody wired up headlights without having to use a conversion kit to change them to "powered"? Or adding an external relay?

So just to be clear, you want to control the ground side of your headlight from the PMU16? Unfortunately, as far as I know, this is not possible, the PMU16 outputs only provide +12v. If you have the PMU16 Autosport, it has 6 low side output that could trigger a relay from a CAN message.

Easiest way would be to connect outputs from the PMU to the +12v side of the headlights. If not, you could look into the Kaizen Relays, those are solid state relays that can be controlled via CAN with an added control module. You could then control the Kaizen relay from the keyboard.


Hello Jason,

Wire the ground side of the headlight directly to you star earth point. Wire the 12V supply directly from a PMU output channel, control that channel with the CAN keypad & set your current limits.

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