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55% left weight percentage gives right hand side more grip?

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In module "Car Balance and Predictability - Performance", around 50 seconds into the video Andre said if and I quote: "a car with a 50/50 left to right balance will always brake in a straight line". He then continued with "If our corner weight is slightly off balance, let's say 55%, then the car will have more grip on the right hand side than the left and it won't be able to generate as much braking force on the left hand side. We'll be able to feel this through the steering wheel, as the steering wheel will pull to the right."

Is he not talking about left weight percentage? Shouldn't the car pull to the left instead?

Apologies about the very late response.

Without a specific context, it depends...

Under braking it would be expected that the tyres wouldn't be locked up, so the resistance would be equal about the centre-line, but the mass being slowed would be more on the right (assuming the 55% bias is on the right), which would apply a turning imbalance to the left. I would not expect this, as such, to be felt through the wheel except, maybe, by a very sensitive driver.

However, there are other factors at play here, scrub radius and, more importantly, the caster angle. The former should have negligible affect if all else is equal as the forces should be equal, but the latter would be expected to be unbalanced as the additional mass would be loading the steering differently throught the geometry. With positive caster I would expect a pull to the right, with negative to the left - bearing in mind it changes slightly as the vehicle's rake angle changes under braking.

At least treat this as a discussion point?

I think Andre's right. Try it for yourself.

Tires with more weight gain grip, but tires with less weight lose less grip than the tires with more weight. This is the fundamental principal = the loss of overall grip with lateral load transfer.

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