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I compete in hillclimbs that are on closed public roads, this means testing is not a real option, and there are no circuits in my area ( I live on a small island). Whilst I do have a practice run, there is not a lot of time to make changes during an event. In this case, what would you suggest as an alternative to this step?

Hi Mike,

Not knowing jersey very well is there anywhere with some open land, small air field/large car park etc that you could set some cones up as a test area?

Ideally with A sprint/hill climb getting some practice in will be very beneficial. Even at a push coming over and doing a track day at Brands for example would help doing a shake down before a competition.

What vehicle are you using?

I holidayed there a very long time ago, and spent some time as a 12yo at a hire go-kart circuit - if it's still in operation (a VERY LONG time ago!) they may be open to renting the track for testing?

If the vehicle is road legal, some 'brisk' driving may give some feedback on transition response, reaction to steering input, etc. Back then, there were plenty of deserted country-side roads, but now?

Another option may be to test the car at a mainland track's open/test day - France isnearer, but I don't know about shipping., etc, costs or the location of suitable tracks - all of which would need to be factored in.

Regardless, if you do go testing, make sure you have in mind a test program and desired result - with some fore-thought you may be able to do two, even 3, different tests at the same time. DATA logging will definitely help there!

Are there any road rally events that you could join, vehicle permitting. I know on the mainland they run at night or in the early hours and use some closed farm access and airfield roads, is this an option for you get a feel for where the cars at. Data logging will help ultimately as it’ll drive set up changes much faster meaning you can establish a baseline in the off-season testing on the mainland then just make minor tweets to that set up when you’re at race events.

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