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2005 Dodge Ram tuning with Hp Tuners help

Practical Diesel Tuning

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i have a question about tuning my truck with Hp tuners, I am fairly new to tuning in general. But i took the practical diesel tuning class and decided to try and tune my truck with it step by step. so i made a tune and thought i did everything right and i flashed it in and started the truck and it started loping really bad and then died after a few seconds. i know it was something i did in the tune cause I flashed the stock file back in and it runs fine. I will attach the tune file below if someone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. truck is completely stock besides exhaust and intake.

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It would be helpful if you loaded the stock file as well so we can compare and quickly find what changes you've made.



okay great thank you I will

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  • 2005-Cummins-stock-Ecm-and-Tcm-tune-file-Personal.hpt
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Looks like a pretty modest file. I'd try putting the fuel pressure back to stock at idle, really you shouldn't need to adjust FRP much unless you have larger than stock injectors or are tryin to squeeze every last bit out small injectors on a big turbo truck. The higher the fuel pressure, the harder it is for the ECM to modulate small quantity adjustments which makes the idle rougher.

There's also this parameter "Fuel quantity change rate select.." that I've not touched before. That would be my second guess at your idle issue.

Hope this is helpful,


thank you i will try making some of those changes I appreciate your help

Well I changed the FRP back to stock and the “fuel quantity change rate select” back to stock and it is still loping then shutting off. Do you think it could be what I did with injector pulse width? Or is there any other thing it could be?

By process of elimination from here. I don't recall your pulsewidth table being much different than stock but go ahead and put it back to stock and see if the loping disappears.

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