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2016 Ford F350 6.7L -- Driver Demand Tune?

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Wouldn't it make sense to max out the driver demand torque table first before scaling torque based fueling? For example in the file I have attached seems like there is resolution & data to say add 180 ft.lbs of torque to the Driver Demand ask. Wouldn't doing a base calibration like this save a bunch of time and also be clean running because the factory has the fuel, boost (airflow) and injection timing already mapped for 1032.6 or 1033 ft.lbs? Seems like this way would keep the reported torque correct? Any downside to starting out like this instead of scaling fuel & boost tables? I also understand that if you are looking for more than this it would make sense to then add like the practical example in the video? Just thinking out loud trying to learn. THANKS

Also anyway to correlate torque to HP gains? Seems like most diesels the torque is generally double the horsepower gains.

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  • 2016-FSuperDuty-6.7L-JJZ-Driver-Demand-180ft.lbs-more.hpt
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  • 2016-FSuperDuty-6.7L-OEM-ENG-and-TRANS.hpt
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Yes Jason,

Going to 1033 ft/lbs would accomplish everything you mentioned. It's an easy first move. Game on.

Nick at what point should I consider transmission tuning to quicken shifts & add clutch pressure?

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I usually start adjusting the trans tuning when I can feel the shifts (or log them) taking longer than they did with the factory tune. It really depends what kind of feel you're trying to give the truck. I like my trucks to shift firm and balanced. I don't mind trading a tenth of a second in the quarter for a smoother WOT shift.


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