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68RFE Transmission Tuning

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Lets get a thread going for 68RFE trans tuning.

If anyone here willing to talk about this. Much insight would be greatly appreciated.

in a 900HP Truck, Assuming the transmission is built to support the mods.

What would be the initial "minimum tuning parameters" you would suggest starting at to avoid slipping of clutches and TCC Clutch.

MM3/warp has what's called " Torque converter shift schedule 1 & 2" Parameters. Would you happen to know what these parameters alter? the units in these are set to "None"

Partial Lock tables vs Lock/unlock tables. Graphed in Excel does not make much sense. I've attached the Excel file with my shift points I have made to accommodate my large turbo. These are new shift points are great. But the TCC tables needed to change as well. I'm having a hard time trying to keep the converter locked under higher loads. Is that just a 68RFE thing? It will be locked then unlocked while getting into the throttle. I was hoping to do lock to lock shifts to help solve this but maybe higher experienced guys can help out.

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I would like to tune my 68rfe. I just installed and revmax valve body. and i want to get the line pressure up. some insight on this would be greatly appreciated.im new to tuning after tuning the trans i would like to tune the engine for more power 60-80 hp more would be fine for now. but i want to make sure i have enough line pressure for the trans. i also installed the sunnex line pressure pigtail. but it kicks in a little late for my taste. i have a 2015 ram 2500.

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