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6r140 shifting pause

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So ive got a problem once I followed the practical demo for tuning my 2015 powerstroke, but now the 6r140 seems to take a long pause with torque management in play for a almost 5 seconds while shifting at higher throttles in gears 3-6, this has not happened in the stock tune and when I revert back it doesnt do it. I didnt alter the transmission calibration at all what could be causing this?


If the engine tune has been performed in an ideal manner, that likely narrows things this down to transmission control module (TCM) related settings or a physical limitation of the transmission.

The TCM has torque limits which can cause a torque reduction request to the ECU. In that case you'd need to raise the torque limit to accept the torque you are now delivering, as long as you feel the transmission can handle it. You can datalog to see how much torque you're outputting, reference it against the torque limits in the TCM, to see which one(s) may need raised prudently to avoid unwanted reductions.

You may also be able to datalog and see which limit(s) are engaging currently, depending on which monitors you have available to you.

If you aren't hitting that sort of limit, perhaps the transmission cannot physically execute the shift while that much torque is being delivered, causing it to slip, which can cause the TCM to react by requesting a torque reduction so the transmission can protect itself, cool a slipping clutch for a moment, then engage the clutch/holding mechanism to engage the gear. Again I'm not familiar with which TCM monitors you have available to you, but sometimes you can datalog slip directly, sometimes you need to log input and output speeds to figure out if things are slipping, but hopefully you have monitors that can help indicate the specific nature of what you're experiencing.

I'll echo Mike's post with a little bit of personal experience on this TCM. The trans may very well not be able to pull the engine back down into gear at higher power levels. I suspect your trans is a little softer than expected. You might try using half the changes I did to the engine for a gentler power bump. See how the trans does with that.


Hey sorry about late replies my gold membership expired haha.

Back on track, Ive tried with lower power levels and much higher power levels, other than going back to bone stock it doesnt seem to have an effect, which is strange because the trans should be able to handle 3/4 throttle shifts all day especially with the amount of defuel it seems to be doing. what I haven noticed now though is that the point which i notice the pause is different, as it relearned itself it got better so the pause before shifting seems pretty normal, now it pauses after shifting. so it would go

start of torque management>shift>Rpms come down and get stable>pause>engine comes back to life. Im wondering if there are any trans timing tables i should be changing?

I tuned a couple of ZF8HP trans for the Ram ecodiesels and they had a bunch of timing tables you could change to vary the duration of each stage like torque transfer/inertia phase and the TCM just learned pressure values to target the timing. Anything like that for the 6r140?

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