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Adding Fuel

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Would it be important to go back through and change the x axis on the driver demand table to inform the truck how much torque it actually is making after you increased the fuel value? I thought that perhaps if fooling the motor by altering the pulsewidth table was detrimental due to the impact it had on fuel metering, that fooling the motor on torque outputs based upon fuel delivery could cause some sort of problem too.


For some automatic transmission applications, not having the ecu calculate the correct torque can cause issues where the transmission will slip as it being told the wrong to expect from the ecu.

In the case of reflashes, and the application, you will also need to take into consideration any torque limit tables, torque lookup tables etc, as they can start to impact drivability.

Like N8B suggested, the ideal solution is to have the ECM/TCM know exactly the correct torque and fuel quantities. In most applications it will be challenging to find and raise all relevant torque limits to achieve this. In reality you log the highest actual torque values you're able to command and compromise your scaling to this limit.


Great, thanks guys!

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