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Allison 1000

Practical Diesel Tuning

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I Have seen some builds with Allison 1000 from Duramax behind a 12v Cummins. Someone here who have test that setup?

As i have understand the duramax lower the torque during the shifts, and i think the stand-alone systems on the market do not have the ability to de-fuel a mechanical diesel pump. Is this a problem for the gearbox?

I have seen that the 5 gear allison is cheaper, but is there stand-alone ecu for this? As i understand, teh difFerences between 5 and 6 speed, is programming and valvebody?

Someone here that have allison behind 12v cummins?

Bets regards Anders

Sorry I don't have experience with that combo, but hopefully someone here can chime in.

So I have seen many allison 1000's mated to a cummins however never a 12v always at least a 6.7. The bell housing needs to be swapped and and new flex plate and mount made for the engine side. Ive never seen it done with the 12v and i feel its mostly due to the 12v is a very mechanical engine where allison transmissions are very dependent on various engine inputs that 12v may not offer. There's a bunch of shops here in the states that offer direct swaps that come with anything and everything you'd need and the few people who i know that have done it said it was a very simple swap. Not saying its not possible I've just never seen it done with a 12v.

Although I've not done a 12v Allison I can tell you that an Allison 1000 with decent build and pressure can handle 'no defuel' shifts up to about 700rwhp at a vehicle weight of 8000 lbs. The guys at ATS or Ca Conversions probably have the parts you're looking for, alternatively many 4Bts came with A1K's but they used industrial bellhousings.

A couple more puzzle pieces for you.



Does anyone have specific suggestions for standalone transmission controllers that work with the Allison 1000?

It seems that would help Anders and anyone looking to put that transmission into an application where the stock TCM can't be used.

Both the links above have them - they're interesting reading, even if I don't have a use for the info' they provided.

For me, the only reason to go auto is the torque capacity* as the standard manuals are only good for around 660lb.ft, but for those that like them, that 1000 or 2000 Allison conversion seems a good way to go.

*True truck tran's can handle it, but they're darned heavy and bulky, even the basic 5/6 speed options.

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