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Bmw 320d limiter from 4th gear

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Hi i drive a e90 M47 320d edc16 with a turbo back exhaust system, im running about 2bar boost and 80mg fuel which tapers to 70 above 4k rpm now my issue is that the moment i go into 4th gear it only fuels 45mg and pics up slowly, max 49mg, ive checked all the available maps and cant find where it holds me, is it the smoke limiter holding me back, its set at 1.88 which i feel is high, im running ecm titanium.

The turbo is able to easily achieve the target boost, slight smoke in 3rd gear and clean in 4th

If anybody can assist me i would greatly apreciate, this map is for drag purposes so im looking for someone who i can refer to for helo with tuning this engine, thank you

I've not worked on that platform specifically. My gut instinct tells me that ECM titanium drivers probably won't be enough to get you where you need to be with a competition style tune. I'm curious if the vehicle would fuel above 45mm3 in 4th gear with the stock tune in it?

You may try Optimal Remap via Winols. It looks like they have an A2L for the platform. I suspect it may have a 4th gear torque limiter or something similar.


this ecu uses gear limiters, but maybe something else is holding You back.

About lambda maps, You can make all 1.2-1.25

upload your original and tuned file.

better to use winols to edit edc16

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