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I’ve tuned my 2.8 Duramax and I’m fairly happy apart from some turbo surge/flutter.

So this is hard to explain but when my truck gets to a certain torque request or driver demand it will look up and use the highest boost in the boost map which is the 100mm3 line, but sometimes it’s only fuelling at say 80mm3 and looking up the max boost which is the 100mm3 line and it surges.

It did this on the stock tune but of course now I have increased the boost 5psi in the 100mm3 line it’s surging.

I have all these boost P.I.D maps will one of these control this boost looking ahead of itself?


It doesn't sound right that the truck is looking up the desired boost for 100mm3 when it's running only 80mm3. There's a possibility the ECM is add boost from some other boost table, possibly an adder that you haven't considered. Alternatively you may want to use your max boost limiter table to cap the available boost lookup at 80mm3. Rescale the table if the axis don't work to your advantage.



I’m using HPTuners and possibly the tables aren’t there, my max boost table axis is rpm and not mm3 so looks like I’m stuck with it.

My stock tune scan logs do the same, at the same point it looks up max boost it also looks up max SOI timing.



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