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Practical Diesel Tuning

Relevant Module: Diesel Tuning Basics > Diesel Operating Principles

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I got a map sensor for a 2019 gmc 2500 l5p duramax and I need to calibrate the ecu in order to put it on my 2017 gmc canyon 2.8l duramax bc im install a stealth dt44 turbo and stock map doesn’t read enough boost pressure


If you're wanting to use a sensor from another vehicle, you may be able to copy the sensor calibration data from the other vehicle's stock tune, into your tune. As long as the tables are set up with the same format, this is often possible.

If however the tunes don't use the same data format, then copy paste won't be possible and you'll need to do a little math. One example of this would be if one tune characterizes the MAP sensor by a slope and offset, and the other does so by entering a low and high voltage data point.

If you post screen shots of the MAP sensor calibration tables from both tunes we could give them a look.

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