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.cax files to scale map sensor on 6.7 cummins.

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the electronic tuning side of tuning diesels and have recently purchased the diesel tuning course on this site. It has quite a lot of great information. I have been doing a lot of research lately about how to scale sensors in efi live. For my engine platform, that option is not available, to my knowledge.... and I hear that people get around that by creating a cax file to save in the efi live files that will allow you to view the scaling tables and make changes to them in v7.5.

From my research, it looks like to create a cax file, one has to look through the factory .bin files and look for tables withing thousands of pages of code and decifer what table does what then change the address and save in a folder on efi live.

Where I'm stuck is, I'm not sure how to access the factory ecm's .Bin files to try looking through them. It also looks like It can be pretty expensive to purchase/ acquire those .bin files.... can anyone shed more light on this subject?

Does anyone have a cax file(or can direct me in the right direction) for the 07.5-09 dodge cummins 6.7 that would allow me to add a scaling map for the map sensor? I'm going to be running compound turbos in the nearish future and would like to be able to read accurate boost number up to 60 psi for logging purposes and so I dont have to run an after market sensor on my edge cts to read boost...

Thanks in advance.



EFILive usually will not allow you access to a .bin file. Part of them remaining gainfully employed relies on you paying the license fees every time you flash a different control module. With .bin access they lose some degree of security of that licensing mechanism. With that said, I feel your pain here. In order to build a .cax for this application you would need a cummins .cal/.xcal file that matched your operating system along with the matching .ecfg file in a working version of Calterm or OLS to help you identify where in the .bin file the linearization for the MAP sensor lives. From there you'd have the offset, format, and multiplier to build the .cax. If this scares you, I'd suggest going on EFilive's forum and asking Ross nicely to please add MAP linearization to your ECM. If it doesn't, enjoy the rabbit hole!


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