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Compound Turbo w/vgt hp tuners vane position

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So I’ve been trying to adjust vane position on my tune. Tune is pretty hot looking to put the compound setup through its motions but the truck sounds like a hair dryer all the time no matter what , some where the truck is calling for more vane position than I want and I have no idea why. (S467 over stock) almost seems like truck is in a cold start mode the entire time or commanding max vane position I have min set at 65 instead of stock 50.50 and max is pretty much stock. Sounds like my truck is hissing/sucking too much air the entire rpm range, don’t know what I changed if it was a fuel or tq or charge reference call because the turbos sure whistled before.

G56 Truck, tune is how I’ve always wanted it to drive shifts great, holds boost between shifts and doesn’t fall on its face if you shift to soon, I just don’t know why it started acting like it was warming up the whole time

I'd need to see what you Min/max tables look like and see a datalog of the truck (with relevant PIDS like run modes) to get a clearer picture of what's going on. There are multiple vane position tables in the file. Not all of them are defined in HPT. Also, 65% minimum vane position is very aggressive on compounds. I can't imagine what exhaust pressure looks like in that scenario.


Here are the tables, should I reduce vane position compared to stock min values with the additional turbo?

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Update logging the truck shows the truck is riding the max vane position table. Not sure what’s missing there

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