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Desired torque map modifying

Practical Diesel Tuning

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I am confuse. Why you didn't modify desired torque map?

If a driver will not demand torque, the ECM will not make it, as I know. Of course, you modified FMTC map (add fuel), but driver still don't asking more torque from an engine.


You can certainly use the drive demand to ask for more torque. In a perfect world this is the best place to start. Just remember that you'll be subject to all torque limits in the ECU. Many tuning tools do not have the ability to move torque limits high enough to attain the tuners goals, and many Torque-Fuel lookup tables do not map fueling out high enough to achieve those torque numbers ( so they require modification in the long run anyway).

As always, there are many ways to skin the cat. Pick the best fit for you. :)


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