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I was just wondering are knock sensors useful on a diesel engine or are they too 'noisey'?



That's the first time I've ever seen that question asked. I think in a factory development environment they might useful for monitoring NVH but in the performance world I can say they're not used.

Hope this is helpful,


Thanks Nick,

That answers my question.


Aside from generally being a "noisy" motor, knock or detonation isn't really an issue for diesels, so there's no real reason to monitor it. In general terms, knock kills petrol motors, EGT kills diesels.

I'd always wondered if there would be value in someone like yourself, Nick, using one for NVH reasons when calibrating idle areas of inj. us. maps for oversize injectors. Might be a budget concious approach to give some sort of 'data' as opposed to just going by ear and feel.

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