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Can anyone help me understand this attached table its from my 2.8 Duramax. Is this what you can edit to remove pedal response?

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It's one map that will do it, and probably the best one to do so. Why do you want to remove pedal response? Is it for drivability off road?

As for understanding the map itself, the values given make it a bit harder to interpret, but you will find a map like that in just about every diesel. Left axis is pedal position, pretty straight forward. Top axis is generally RPM. Lastly, the actual values expressed in the table are often mg of fuel, or nm of torque. Also worth noting that these are REQUESTED values that can be (and often are) held back by other limiters.

Thanks Ben I should of said increase response.

So I guess you would add a few % to the top left corner to remove some dead pedal when you take off from a standstill?

Yep correct. The hard part there is working out the scaling in the speed axis, it doesn't seem logical to me, but regardless, if you look at the 20% throttle row for example, starting from the very left hand column, it has a few cells around 20mg fuel, then suddenly jumps up to 30mg. As a starting point, I'd leave that 30 but blend it back to the left so the delivery is more linear, maybe 21, 24, 27, 30.

You could try that on a few horizontal AND vertical axis' to make it more linear and get the fuel in a bit earlier. Doing this in both directions complicates it somewhat, but it's all relatively low load and RPM so you won't hurt anything, just play with it and see how it drives, go by feel.

If you're not getting any more down low you may be running into another limiter such as smoke map or drive line protection. From memory this is what caught me out on the first manual Colorado I did. I think there was a map or two under the transmission tab that was labeled something to the effect of max clutch torque and max transmission torque.