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I've been working on tuning my personal 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 more for track use since I have another vehicle I recently purchased for everyday use, and I've been trying to figure out how to disable or turn off the egr/dpf system using EFI Live Because it keeps sending the truck to a "power reduce" mode which I've not been able to tune with big injectors and a set of big compound turbos. Thanks


I'm sorry, but due the nature of this topic and our hope to stay on the right side of the law we're not able to offer you any help removing or disabling emissions components.


Nick @ CalibratedPower. Very wise and this is how it should be. Modify to remove DPF and EGR on ECM or ECU systems for motor sport use only. And yes load of companies will make modifications stepping over emission limits removing sensor and activates for daily use.

Real trick is to make the correct modifications still able to run DPF and EGR system. You just have to go smart on that subject.

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