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Egt probe in turbine housing

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hi all!

I'm about to sit down and start "final" assembly of my Bv35 upgrade on my [factory] kp31 fed 800cc smart fortwo CDI.

In regards to the placement of my egt probe.

As you might expect. My manifold design is rather compact. I actually had to source the sch10 316 bends for my 3-1 tubular manifold from the local steam pipe supplier as no one builds manifolds with 0.75" runners anymore!?! Go figure 😂.

The collector on my manifold connects directly to the turbo flange with no real nozzle to speak of. Add to that, the compact design and small diameter of the runners don't really lend to installing a single egt probe preturbo.

Would it be acceptable to drill and tap for egt placement in the nozzle of the turbine housing as far back from the actual volute portion of the housing. It's really my last option to feasibly install egt pre turbo.


Trevor Preston

In my area it's been done for ages and became a normal practice. It's very common thing to buy a second hand turbo with drilled tap for egt probe in turbine housing...

I'll second Shota, totally reasonable.

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