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I currently own three devices capable of ECU reflashing. One being an EZ Auto Agent V2, two is an EFI Live AutoCal V3 and three is an SCT X4 Tuner. I'd like to know if any of these three devices could be used to read, edit and reflash stock ECU files or even files I obtain from a commercial or open source supplier. I'd prefer use any of the devices I currently own over purchasing a new HP Tuners MPVI3 ($379.00USD) or and EFI Live FlashScan V3 ($625.00USD) with additional cost for GM Tuning ($400.00USD) and Dodge Cummins Tuning ($400.00USD). I currently use my hardware as slave devices reflashing ECUs with other distributors commercial tune files (GDP, CCS, Proven Diesel, and Optimal Calibrations). If any help at all could be provided it would be greatly appreciated.

Short answer is yes. Long answer is that it's ultimately up to your file supplier. I'd start by asking them.


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