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Hp tuners targeting/locating Maps touched

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Hi eveyone quick question....in HP tuners when editing/ changing values on a map table is there a way to find out witch other map tables are linked to that map ? Usual 1 map is linked to another map table and editing one will effect another map table ? Is there anyway to find this out? ..... HP tuners have maps that don't explain witch map there alterting?

Bummp....so the reason i ask is my ford ranger on HP tuners has over 20 Fuel table maps....i want to know if i change 5 fuel tables will it change others ? or there all separate tables ? and are all completely different fuel tables ? if so that's scary....so many fuel tables with a brief small HP tuners description

Perhaps it would be easier if you post your HPTuners file here and we can offer platform-specific advice.

Thanks Nick i have added my Tune file......so i mainly wanted to find out what Maps do certain changes to the car ? some maps might be IAT base....some are Engine coolant base....some might be EGT base ? witch i am not to sure on EGT base its a guess......i remember nick explaining that when making a change you should do a % change to all other maps to make sure a change has been executed so the car ecu will perform the change to the engine....how ever....the more i read on HPT forum, most of the other maps are for specific conditions AND THIS is what i would like to find out what map does what change to a specific PID ......

i have found another forum on HPT that they say logging these certain channels will tell you what Map your car is currently in? .... how ever i am very confused in this link.... In Eric's first post with the picture he added, he is in the Diesel timing tab....Does this mean the 3 parameter is only going to show Witch timing Maps is getting used only ? also how would you find these Channels in the VCM scanner ? would you search for the parameter numbers like 14590 ? also is a parameter called a channel in VCM scanner ?

Parameter 14590 - Base Operating Mode will tell you which of the Map # is in use.

Parameter 14589 - Injection Config for EOM will tell you which Config # is in use.

Parameter 14588 - Engine Operating Mode (EOM) will tell you which Mode # is in use.


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HP Tuners generally includes whatever knowledge they have on what the table is in the description area which populates as you mouse over each table.

It looks like they state the main conditions for each of these tables. If you're not seeing this info, make sure you update to the latest beta VCM software. Beta software will have their most up to date info.

We can't see what PIDs are available on your vehicle since they are identified and made available while physically connected to and communicating with your vehicle, but yes it looks like Eric is saying those monitors will tell you what's active in realtime.


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