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Practical Diesel Tuning

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I am watching the configure base tune file in the practical diesel tuning video. At the 18:31 mark in the video he has shown us how to add 5 degrees to the injection timing base c table. Then he says if your truck will run in the higher altitude you need too adjust the a and b tables also. So my question is in his example would i add 5 degrees in the same area on each of the a and b timing base tables? Or should it be a little less timing added, say 3 degrees? any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


As the the high altitude tables start out with timing further advanced than the lower altitude the prudent approach would be to add less timing. With your timing additions my suggestion would be to focus on the high load/RPM areas of the mid and high altitude. Mid range performance will likely only get noisier with additional timing.

Certainly 3 degrees would be a prudent addition to the 70mm & +, 2400RPM & + parts of the map.

Hope this helps,


OK, that makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply Nick. Much appreciated.

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