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Large injector Tuning

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hey everyone.

I am looking for info on how to go about tuning cummins powered CR trucks with larger than stock Injectors.

with my experimentation on HP Tuners, you can change the mm3 axis of the Main Pulse Width table and maybe use the injector flow sheet to try and piece together and guess a somewhat accurate table that represents the injectors flow. Then maybe adjust the called for mm3 amounts in all the other tables?

I have read that if your main pulse table is not accurate, it messes with your smoke control tables.

How are you "supposed to" calibrate these trucks with 250% oversized injectors?

Could you leave the pulse width map stock and tune fuel quantity though the Boost limit table?

Both ways are acceptable. If you can the truck to respect the true fuel rate you're looking for then I would suggest going that route (ex: 350mm3). You can also scale the boost limited fueling table out to 150psi of boost. Doing these two things will give you the best chance at smoke control on a large set of injectors.


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