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LBZ 10 Bar Map

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hopefully someone can chime in on this.

I'm trying to switch to a ten bar MAP on a 2006 LBZ due to heavy mods. Starting with the base file(EFI Live), I am completely lost on where to even begin on finding the place to rescale everything. I know the factory MAP is limited to measuring 36 or so PSI of boost and with the compound setup that is currently installed I know it will/should be above that sometimes.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

Usually the seller supplies the information for the map sensor. For my cummins i got:

Sensor Scale: 0.5V= 4.35 PSI, 4.8V = 145 PSI Absolute PressureAbsolute PSI – Barometric Pressure = Actual Boost PSI

Yea that I understand, just figuring out where that goes for a 2006 duramax is the part I'm trying to figure out.

Like the LML in another post I thought the LBZ had the same part for the MAP on efi live. I looked and it doesn't.

Was hoping Nick or Andre would chime in and point me in the right direction

What operating system are you running? I'll see if I have something

That would be awesome if you did Nick, I would be forever grateful. The operating system is 12632483

The truck is a 06 CCLB ZF6 4wd

Try this. Let me know what it reads at idle and we'll see if we're close. I don't know the scaling on your particular sensor.

If it works, I'll tell you where to send the beer.

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Sounds good Nick. Thank you and Ill keep in touch

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