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LML 10 Bar Map Sensor Scaling

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Guys, hopefully nick at calibrated power… maybe I missed a thread, but I am having a hell of a time trying to switch to a 10 bar map sensor on a 2016 LML compound turbo setup with tons of mods… 45 over injectors… etc… I had to modify the crossover tube, and I have addressed all boost leaks, but I have been unable to figure out how to rescale the MAP sensor for the new range that it can measure. I am beginning to wonder if the sensor itself may be bad…. But I am hoping it is just a calibration issue with the sensor. I am using EFI live and trying to do the tuning myself… it has been an interesting and humbling process… I am pretty sure I have the truck where it needs to be from a hard parts standpoint but I can’t get it to rev past 3000 rpm because of the derate likely due to MAP scaling… I think. I also get a p003a code as well but I think the cpm thinks the vanes need to be relearned because the MAP sensor is not giving correct info so it throws itself into derate. I have an autel maxitpms t608 that after I updated it was able to do the turbo vane relearn, but it still throws the code almost every time with a MAP code so I think they seem related… it is a compound turbo setup with a stealth 64 Vgt in the valley and a borg Warner s369sxe as the atmospheric turbo…

any help is appreciated…

also brings up another point, do I need to update the turbo efficiency tables since I transitioned to a compound setup? If so, how do I this and where do I start? I can’t even find an efficiency table for the stealth 64 vgt…. Thanks in advance and I love this website this info is very difficult to find, especially when it is correct

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In order to dial in the 10bar sensor you'll have to adjust the MAP linearization in EFIlive (Table B0500) under 'Engine Sensors'. I've attached a spec sheet for the sensor and two pictures of the scaling, stock and 10 bar.

The P003A may be a separate issue. VVT turbochargers on LML's learn on their own. You list the turbo as a Stealth 64, in the case of the stealth the only reason you should see a P003a is if the position sensor is not detecting the vanes moving all the way to 0% or all the way to 100%. In your log you should be able to see the movement range via the position sensor. If you can report those range limits I can assist further in trouble shooting. Get your turbo serial number as well.



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I appreciate the response, and what you sent is already more helpful than what I have been able to find online and is greatly appreciated, as is the sensor scaling. It confirms my thoughts that I am lacking the calibration file for these charts in my version of EFI Live. I am currently taking the HP academy wiring modules, as there is a course on CAN BUS Communications Decoded that may provide a good understanding for me to figure out hexadecimal stuff and .cax files... but this is optimistic at best. Through diving into the forums, it appears that I need upload a CALZ or .cax file with the appropriate parameters for the B0500 chart that will then get added to the EFILive -> V7.5 -> Calibrations -> E86 subfolder. Would you be willing to share the appropriate CALZ file that would allow me to do this. As you can see from my attached pic, the B0500 chart simply is not there, and this is the most up to date version of EFI live 7.5. Any further guidance is greatly appreciated.

When I get home I will try and find serial on the turbo... hopefully it is on top. I will datalog a run this afternoon and add vane position PID and upload the file as well. Thanks for the help.

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Nick, I have attached a pic from the box the the stealth turbo... I am confident this is the serial number, or can a least be discovered from this number. For quick reference it is:

S/N K0008


I drove it for a while tonight, and tried it in different scenarios. After looking at the data, it appears over about the first half of the drive, the CPM was looking at MAP to try and determine desired boost pressure, but because my MAP sensor is not scaled correctly the computer is interpreting this data as MAP pressure of N/A... I parked it for a couple of minutes and left it running and apparantly something happened with the turbo vanes... It appears that desired boost then began to look at MAF instead of MAP... Once it started doing this, it looks like the actual vane position was mirroring the desired vane position... That info is helpful as I interpret it as:

1. The turbo vanes are functioning correctly and doing what they are told to do... ie they are not broken or stuck

2. The turbo position sensor and vane accutator also seem to be functioning approprately

3. The main probelm seems to be MAP sensor/ECM/tune related... the ecm really wants to rely on MAP sensor data to control vane position... but it is getting essentially unusable data and is forced to use MAF instead... pretty smart backup system when you think about it.

Keep in mind I was attempting a diffent vane position map with this tune as I am not sure how well the Stealth 64 vane position mirrors the stock vane position - as I was experimenting so maybe going back to the stock vane postion map would yield a different result. I have attached that map as well for reference...

The MAP sensor scaling seems to be one of the biggest issues. Once I get that straight I am going to go back to the most stock tune and make one small change at a time, probably starting with boost control.

I do recall last week when I had the stock MAP sensor in place, even with a big boost leak not able to build over 6 PSI of boost, the vane actuators were very active... I was able to monitor them with the Edge CTS3 - I remember significant fulctations but I do not have a datalog of it. I fixed the major boost leak at the primary turbo (was a gasket problem but an easy fix), but I had a pretty large one at the stock MAP sensor as well because the 10 bar MAP sensor is a different form factor. Putting the 10 BAR sensor back in fixed the leak but created the MAP scaling problem.

So basically - fix the MAP scaling issue and I should have things in place to actually begin dialing it in...

Am I interpeting this correctly? Thanks for the help

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Go ahead and post your base file, I'll edit it for 10bar and you can work from there. That's probably the quickest way to get you up and moving :)



The forum will not let me post a .ctz file. I just emailed it to you (I think). Thanks for all the help and being willing to share all of your knowledge with all of us newbies.

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