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LML CP3 conversion editing the tables for FCA

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hi All-

I'm going to start tinkering with the tuning on my truck. What tables do I need to adjust to account for the different FCA? Is it B2651 "desired flow vs current"?

Also, I have the table from S&S and it's Liter/hr vs Current. I was going to input this then noticed the units are different. I was able to convert to MM3/s and then compared the values to the Cp4 values in my original file and the numbers seemed reasonable.

Truck is currently tuned with 10mm CP3, stealth 64 turbo and 45% over injectors. Truck runs good but I want to clean up the tuning a bit.

Initially posted this with the raw text table I made in Excel but the formatting got messed up when posting so here is a screen grab instead. Let me know if there is a better way to post this table.

[img="blob:https://www.hpacademy.com/10371641-58b6-435c-b77e-b3e833f5f8ca" alt="" alt="" ]

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The best way I've found to tune the regulator is to built a histogram identical to the FCA current table in the scan tool and populate it with 'mA' data as you drive the truck. The average of this data can then be pasted back into the tune file to refine your curve. Usually this takes a few drives along with an effort to hit all of the cells. Having a load on the truck will help you get this accomplished quicker (trailer or hill). Notice that I circled the X-bar icon on the screen, make sure that display is selected before you copy/paste any data. Using this will give you the average of the data in the cells.


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So I have made this histogram but cannot get it to work what pid do I need to use to read the Ma cause I can’t find the correct pid and how do I set up histogram to read the pid some more instruction would be great. I have done a lbz cp3 swap onto lml and used fleece performance chart to start as base and under wot over 2800rpm my rail pressure spikes and drops and spikes and cause bad surge. So I need help making this histogram so I can fix this issue cause I can not get either rail control valve current measured to plot in histogram table.

Try FRPVAC for the LML. FRPACOM is the earlier trucks.


Which pid is used for the mm3/s for the row axis? Data pid would be FRPVAC right? but what is used for row and column axis pids?


I'm not sure what kind of truck you're tuning. Typically I'd look for a PID that closely matches the row label. It's probably something like 'Injection quantity all" or 'engine fuel flow'.


14 lml and powerflo 10mm. I cannot find one that closely matches atleast not very close. engine fuel flow one seems the closest but it’s half as much once wide open as the fca tables 56000. When I select any of them it only seems to run in one cell of the map instead of populating all cells which I’m guessing is because it’s not following the proper axis pids. Is it nessacary to make a calculated pid for the lml or somthing, or am I just blind.

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