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Motec Diesel Tuning example.

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Just wondering if there is still going to be a course for tuning the Motec Diesel package for the Toyota Hilux plug and play system?



Diesel aftermarket ECU are a minority on the diesel marked and scale this down to only one engine model only will narrow things down even further so how many will benefit and will it profit for the ones making the training course?

Also motec put a lot of contend on the youtube on how to on there diesel ECU. OK commented by a think a petrol head missing the boat on some subjects but still useful.

As for basic modern diesel education HP academy offer a training course as well so what is missing on your end?

One thing that is left out I think in training courses is torque conversion to fuel. The response from accelerator peddle to engine power output and how to smooth this out if you build a torque happy engine as more or less fuel injected instant leads to reaction on engine power change often unwanted as for not able to control it. Just as a simple example some aftermarket ECU use MAF not MAP and in order to hold back on torque @ low accelerator peddle position you dial in low manifold pressure numbers like your running a petrol engine and try use the slower MAF reading response as you need to build air mass to smooth things out as an attempt to stay in control. Now for the most part torque or fuel dement by driver is 3D as for RPM and accelerator peddle position and you could call this a proportional control. Behind this torque or fuel dement by driver are the settings for fuel or smoke limiting and by far the most important one is what we call the fuelmass/stroke bases on air mass calculation. For the ones that can still follow hi manifold pressure should hold good air mass able to free up a load of fuel mass/stroke that translate in to engine torque that’s not always needed or wanted but you still want good instant power response and engine efficiency as for recovering some of that exhaust gas energy by turbocharger giving manifold pressure effective stepping up dynamic compression ratio. So what is missing on torque or fuel dement by driver to get smooth operation? Well a 4e or even a 5e element and so on and yes its easy for me to say as I grow up with industrial engine speed governor systems understanding more than just the basics of this. Still the ECU manufactures should be able to help you out on this part as well pointing you on what settings to change for smooth power delivery.

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