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Pilot + Altitude + Mode

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What does Pilot + Altitude + Mode 0,1,2,3,4,5, mean what does it work and when it's work?

I mean when is the ECM chose one of them and why?

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It's tough to know exactly when each mode is being used without knowing with platform vehicle you're tuning. However, generally the different modes are associated with different engine operations. Luckily many of the edit platforms have a matrix that lists engine operation vs. mode to assist the tuner. Furthermore, many tuner based scan tools have pids which will show which mode the vehicle is in while you drive it so that you might back into the mode assignments.

I've attached a picture of the Duramax LML engine modes for your viewing pleasure.

With regard to Altitude, usually there are 3 variations by altitude. There's a sea level, medium altitude 5000ft, and high Altitude (10000ft). These tables will be blended based on the barometric pressure. For instance, if you're at 2500ft elevation you'll get half the medium altitude and half the sea level.

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