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Pilot Timing and how it affects performance

Practical Diesel Tuning

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here's a brain tickler that I'm curious about.

Just for background I'm working with efilive and I'm working on 2008 6.7 cummins...

How does pilot timing affect performance?

Is it strictly for noise control, or will it help with non vgt turbo response?

I have messed around with the timing table and I really was not sure if I saw any performance improvements with adding or removing degrees of timing.

I'm hoping someone can shed some insight on their experience with messing with this.

Hi Dominic I personally do not know about this but here is a video we have that may be of use


If we look main fuel quantity total. So total fuel amount injected per stroke or combustion we fall short on power using a pilot injection as we have more return fuel of the injector as an effect of open en close delay injector. I know this is marginal but it’s there. Also pilot injection is not so great shooting your combustion pressure up from part load onwards. Short and hard injection up to a point what your engines likes on fuel pressure per load/fuel mass and RPM.

Now for performance. Cold engine low boost relative low temp on end compression chance is will make more power. For all other no performance gain. So pilot injection. Cold start notice reduction on low engine load and emission control.

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