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T87 Controller

Practical Diesel Tuning

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How can I pull the stock file for a LML transmission off a truck. I have read about people making a bench for them and reading them out that way, is this the only way?


We use Benchforce products. It's probably overkill for what you're doing but I'll give you the link anyway. https://bench-force.com/products/transmission-module-harness-15-20-gm-t87-t93

If you just want a T87 file to look at I can email you one.


Thanks for the reply Nick, I enjoyed the course very much.

I just bought the Benchforce GM stater kit, I will be ordering this as well.

In the meantime if you could send me a T87 to look and and poke around so I can better understand the tables and what they do. I would appreciate that.

From what I am reading you have to flash it thought the TCM itself and it does not cost a credit?

Glad to hear you enjoyed the course. Here's a T87 to peak at. Flashing is free with EFILive

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