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toyota vdj79 tune

Practical Diesel Tuning

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hi i have watched your tuneing practical a few time's just wondering if i can send thre a stock file and one i have adjusted could you let me know if im on the right track as the toyota hp tune file for the vdj79 series with dpf has different axis as all your worked examples.

does anyone have a timing table speadsheet for the toyota vdj

Hi Alexander, you could either post your files or some screen shots of the tables up here and we can provide some guidance for you.

Thank you i will send files and a data log of one i would like to replicate

i have been working threw it but still a little unsure.




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This ECU uses a much different control strategy than most of the worked examples. It uses a slope intercept to define throttle based mm3 and then cuts back mm3 (fuel flow) based on a number of factors including boost, MAF, and gear. Based on your log, the truck seems to be achieving about 70mm3 max. Based on the main pulse table the machine is mapped to support about 90mm3. My hunch from looking at your log is that the truck is cutting fuel based on the MAP. I can see you raised your desired boost (MAP) but did not scale it to 90mm3. The MAP based injection fuel volume maximum table states that you'll need between 200 and 250kpa of total MAP depending on RPM to achieve a multiplier of 2.0 and thus a fuel rate limit near90mm3. I've scaled table 42570 'Desired boost EGR off' for you to see an example of this. All other boost tables will need to be adjusted similarly if you expect the truck to consistently command more fuel.

Hope this gets you started,


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hi Nick

thanks for looking at this, this information is a great help.

sorry i didnt expalain correctly before the data log is for a tune I payed for from a local shop that is in the truck at the moment, I am trying to get close to or better than this tune so your info is greatly appreciated. do you think I have the tune I started toyota79alex1st.hpt close to the data log?

i will be making your recommended changes and do some testing.

thanks mate


Without seeing the file the other guys built for you it's really hard for me to make any assumptions. I would encourage you to keep an eye on 'mm3' in the log. That PID is the best proxy for actual torque. The more mm3 you see in the log, the more power the truck is probably making. Log the stock file and compare to the one those guys built for you. Then log the tune you're modifying yourself to see if you can get fueling up over the 70mm3 mark you're currently seeing on their file.


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