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Trouble Data logging some PIDS

Practical Diesel Tuning

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New to tuning and trying to data log my ‘19 Ram with the 6.7. I’m having trouble logging some basic parameters like injector pulsewidth, vane position, and even boost seems to be whited out on the graph but shows on the channel list. Most come up in the channels, such as timing. But even timing won’t come up in the graph. Seems like anything I try and select out of the parameters list comes up as white and won’t record anything. I was using parameters from the vehicle list instead of generic, but it also seems like there’s multiple options for the same parameters, so maybe I’m going about it incorrectly? Any insight is appreciated, thanks

If you're using EFILive, converting to a CSP operating system will allow EDA datalogging with allows about 10x the PIDS and super high data rates. If you're using HPtuners, you may similarly need to upgrade the O.S. to switchable to allow better PID selection. Factory PID selection mechanisms on the Cummins is junk.


Thanks Nick, I’ll give that a try. I have EFI Live for an 06 dodge I have as well, is there a way I can convert my HPTuners file for my ‘19 over to EFI Live? From what I understand, the 2450 ECM can’t be read with EFI

Unfortunately there's no easy way to convert these. I'm not saying its impossible, but close enough.


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