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I'm new to the tuning side of things I usually have someone else tune my trucks for me or use a box tune or try and find someone to tune the race trucks I put together, So my question is for the programs themselves. In the course EFI live is used and that program only supports duramax and cummins. But powerstroke tuning I cannot find anything other than SCT and EZ lynk for tuning. I know HP tuner can tune them all or so it claims on their website but if I want to make 4 tunes for a customer and they want a stock a tow, street, race tune I can build them one but they have to have my laptop from what I'm understanding it and they have to have the equipment to transfer it. While the other options have an ability to hold multiple tunes to be uploaded when ever. But what about Switch on the fly tunes for different power levels or setting how is that done and what suites are being used? What are the typical suites people go to for tuning that offer the ability to put tunes on a device that allows the ability for customers to change their tunes?