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What order we have to optimize the injection ?

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hello HP academy, i'm Willo54 from France. There is one thing that i don't understand about the timing calculator of injection advance. What order we have to optimize the injection ?

I believed that we first configure driver wish, fuel quantity and fuel pressure before injection timing. But in the free video "Lesson Three - Boost & High Power Tuning Part 1" where Nick tune a performance truck, optimize timing is the first thing he do.

In practice, ordrer of tune no matter ?

Thanks for your courses, they are very instructive. No regrets to buy them.


In practice I usually adjust timing last, but may dance back and forth between timing and fuel pressure adjustments in the light load areas to address engine noise. With timing adjustments it's best to start with small adjustments unless you're adding large quantities of fuel or significantly raising the operating RPM, in which case running stock timing numbers may result in exceptionally high EGT's.

Hope this is useful,


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