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4g63 Piston Oil Squirters

Practical Engine Building

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Hello Andre, for a 4G63T with forged parts with high hp application engine would recommend removing oil squirters to have better oil supply for the bearings?

I personally did a 63 with squirters doing close to 850 on a dynamics. We never encountered oil pressure problems.

I have around 800hp with almost 3 bar of boost and never had an issue with oil pressure having oil squirters installed in 4g64 block. The key factor here is to choose proper bearing gap not too much but not too small.

Thanks guys, i just asked because i have seen many people doing that, because it is said that using forged pistons there is no need to have the oil injectors.

For a quick 1/4 mile sprint, a conditional maybe, but for longer loaded runs it would still be a good idea as aluminium softens with heat and the cooler the alloy is kept, the stronger it is.

I would definitely use them, if possible, on a heavily loaded engine.

I thought so too, thanks for your comments guys. :)

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