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Hi, I would like to know more about 5efte engine block with 4efte head it is like k24/20, I would like to know what happen when I use a 5efte (Toyota Tercel) 1.5L block, and head of toyota glanza 4efte (1.3l), 4efte has more aftermarket options for upgrade, but I don't know what changes when I will have to tune it, how conversions like these works considering ignition timing, css work in 5efte block, how the head will be torqued to a different block, (I think 5efte and 4efte are almost same parts but glanza is more known or should I just swap it to a entire glanza 1.3l engine?

sorry not something we have looked into.

What do you want to know?

First: There's no such thing as a 5E-FTE. There's a 5E-FE and a 5E-FHE.

The "T" would imply it had a factory turbo. But that engine never did.

I've never compared them side by side. But I don't think there are any significant difference between the 5E head and the 4E head.

The only real difference between those engines at all is the crank. 4E is stroked to 1.3l and the 5E is stroked to 1.5l. Otherwise those engines are nearly identical. The 4E-FTE did come with lower compression and stronger internals to account for the turbo.

Anything that bolts on to a 4E also bolts on to the 5E. Externally, those engines are pretty much identical.

What most people do is pull the 4E-FTE out, and drop a 5E-FE in, and keep all the external 4E parts. Effectively building a "5E-FTE". I don't think it's worth swapping the head at all. Just keep the 5E as-is and bolt on all the 4E turbo stuff.

Tuning is just like tuning any engine.

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