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Advise for Break-In oil

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As HPAcademy recommends to use mineral oil during the break-in period, but the 0w-20 is not available in mineral compound, only synthetic. So what would the experts recommend for the mineral oil during break-in period?

Most oil companies have specific break-in oils in their product lines - you should be able to find something suitable, and they're preferred because they have specific packages to aid break-in.

You will probably find they're a straight 30 wt grade and this is fine for the break-in period.

My personal preference is to do the initial start and after a few minutes of running change the oil and filter, then after the running in period - whatever you feel fit - do a change to the oil I'll be using with another filter change, with maybe another at 500/1000 miles (800/1600km).

@z.khodr: Why would I run 20w50 on an engine that has clearance set for 0w20? That will only help in negative way.

@Gord: Thank you for the correct reply. So Break-In oil SAE 30 would be suitable for an engine meant for 0-20? First use SAE 30 and start the engine and change this oil and filter after few minutes and again use a fresh break-in oil SAE 30 and run it for 500 miles. On third change, I switch over to 0w-20 fully synthetic one. Right?

Most oil with 0w cold temperature rating (0w20,0w30,0w40) will all be synthetic. 5w20 can be found in conventional/mineral formula but may not be available in some areas. Your next option would be 5w30, which will be much thinner than SAE30 on cold start. However, SAE30 and 5w30 will have a similar viscosity at hot running temperatures.

@G.T.Eleven: You are right Paul. I did a quick search on the internet and found Lucas Engine Break-In Oil SAE 5W-20. Do you think it will be beneficial?

Yes, the 5W-20 will be the closest match to the 0W-20 you were seeking.

As Paul said - you may also wish to re-familiarise yourself with oil viscosities, and how they're measured, as I can't see the 0/5 winter rating difference being important in your climate. Even the 20wt high temperature rating may be a bit low unless you're running tight clearances and/or a lot of rpm - is it for a high performance motorcycle?

no, its not for a motorcycle, its for suzuki m16a engine

no, its not for a motorcycle, its for suzuki m16a engine

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