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Clean oil galleries after using die grinder

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Hi, any advice how to clean oil galleries from aluminium residues after using the die grinder?

I don't want them to cause any problems after starting the engine.

Thank you.

Often oil galleries would have plugs in the block. Removing the plugs would help... If there is no plug at all you would need to use some sort of pressurized fluid ( I use diesel fuel) to thoroughly wash it through...

"" I have the new timing chain cover of my FA20 engine on my table... I can clean it easely... but how?

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Liberal amounts of degreaser and high pressure wash* would go a long way - it's not like it's baked on.

I don't know the engines, but do the two covers cover oil-ways? Unless there's a good reason not to, I would probably remove them, too, and clean everything. Last thing would be to rinse it all off with brake clean, electrical cleaner, or some other evaporative cleaner before reassembly.

But, before all that, I'd carefully radius all the oilway openings and, depending on the specific design, the oil drain between the pump and front seal as it looks like you have a high volume pump kit and with that, and a higher pressure, there will be more leakage between the pump and the seal.

*If you don't have a pressure washer, a good dodge is to go down to the local car wash and blast the oil-ways, etc, ,with the engine cleaner/detergent mode, then use the high pressure wash - bonus is some use hot water, so they should dry faster.

Yes, I made what you said. The timing cover is new, so it's clean. However, I

- opened the oil galleries' covers

- ported oil galleries

- cleaned

- used an anaerobic sealent (Loctite 518) before reinstalling the covers and a threadlocker for the bolts

- installed an high volume oil pump kit

- used an engine lube to prime the new oil pump

Now I notice a little lube leak in the rotor of oil pump, after installing the cover... If I spin a little, some lube came out (see attached picture)... Maybe it's normal, I don't know.

I'm sorry, I'm a newbe in engine building!


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That is perfectly normal, might be more of a worry if there wasn't any side leakage ;-).

There is a small, 1-3 thou' is the usual range, of clearance between the gear, the annulus (outer ring) and the pump housing - it has to be there to stop it seizing, and the grease was forced out through the clearance.

In the earlier post, I mentioned "the oil drain" in the early post, this is why - that leakage occurs on both sides and with wear, higher clearances (some aftermarket pumps can be a little loose, or high pressure/capacity pumps, there can be more leakage than the drain can handle, this is a very well known problem on some engines - don't know about yours, specifically, and I haven't heard of it being an issue, just something while you had it apart and doing the other work.

Thanks Gord for your confirmation! :)

About "the oil drain", I don't hear anything about it. Good point, hope that this engine with high volume oil pump doesn't have this problem.

It only applies to certain engines, which have insufficient drainage, whereas some have quite open returns.

Ah, this is what I mean - https://subaru.oemdtc.com/249/new-installation-procedure-for-front-crankshaft-oil-seal-2011-2015-subaru - there're two drains there, which should be plenty for the application.

If there is an issue, it'll show as the seal being pushed out by the pressure behind it. It can also be a problem when stup's use a "sealer" on the outside to "make sure" it stays there - it's about the worst thing one can do as the seals are meant to be dry in their housings. Don't forget to lightly oil the seal's lip and the rubbing surface - if it's left dry it can cause the seal lip to overheat and even melt.

Thanks for sharing. Reading the bulletin, I think I'm safe with this problem. Hope so.

I will not mount the timing chain by myself, I will go to my official Subaru mechanic. I'm not very confident with RTV sealing, so to prevent problem I will ask for his help. Hope that he get an update on this issue! :D

Today I left the car with him, hope everything will work! Finger cross! :)

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