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Connecting rods orientations

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Just wana ask about the orientations of connecting rods, i installed one of the brian crower rods the opposite direction but i know the rods are symmetrical. I only noticed it on d piston install. Shud i remove and turn it?

If it's an in-line engine with one con'rod for each journal, you should be fine - IF it doesn't have an oil squirter built into it.

If it is a V engine, with two 'rods per journal, you should remove it and correct the error, as some (don't know about the Crower) connecting rods for them have a single large chamfer on one side and a smaller one on the other - with these it is important that the large chanfer is fitted to the outside to clear the journal radii and the smaller to the other con'rod on the journal.

Personally, my mild compulsive side would require me to pull it out and correctly orient it to the piston.

Comments, people?

I dont think it has a squirter in it, and its a 4cylinder. Wat made ne realize was on the install the bearing locking tabs were on the othwr side frn the rest. I realy thinking to remove and re install but the thought of those wire clips haunting ne

Make sure you haven't oriented the piston incorrectly. Often they need to face a specific direction due to valve relieve pocket sizes.

Yes i am sure the piston is correctly oriented. I made the error on the connecting rod. But ive decided id remove and correct it

Sorted out the rod.

Gord, I know what you mean...

My OCD wouldn’t let me sleep at night if all the rods would be facing different directions during an engine build lol

Glad you sorted out the rod « issue » Saleem!

2 nights i was laying down and was like nah boy i need to do this, i started thinking about dyno issues and all kind of mad stuff... thanks alot for the advice

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