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Hi guys, can you please advise on fitting main and big end shells, in this module you have cleaned and installed shells into the journals with just a clean, in a previous module i saw that the shells were lubricated prior to installation, i am currently replacing the main and big end bearings in an MX5 engine that came out of a a pals car that he ran low on oil, that i plan to turbocharge and drop into my car, each one of the main and big ends showed witness marks

i have the correct bearings for the freshly ground crankshaft, but would like to clarify if when installing them into the block and caps should i lubricate both sides of the bearings before installation, or fit dry like in this module

any advise would help

kind regards


Hi my Friend, with i understood you need to know how can you fit bearing on the engine and the rods, so, you need to clean all parts with some kind degrease and after this you put de bearing on especifique places totally dry after this, lubricate the side that touches the crankshaft is a good idea you used clean an new oil like 20w50, good practice because the first start not have oil on the oil galleries and author good practice start engine without ECU for the engine oil go to oil galleries

thanks i hope help you

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