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I understood very well the course, but I didn't see how the piston rings need to be in the correct position. you just explain how to put on the piston.... most important form me is on which position (on which side the open ring needs to be located )


TBH, I consider this whole 'ring position' thing to be BS - in operation the rings naturally rotate at different, random, speeds (if they don't, you've a problem - unless they're pinned like a 2 stroke engine) so wherever you place them won't be where they are a few engine rotations later.

As long as they're not aligned to each other, I'm happy.

Gord, I too have been scratching my head to try and understand why ring position matters if they will just rotate around during operation... Problem is, all manufacturers provide a guide of where to position the ring ends. Until I know why they do it, I will just follow those instructions :P

Brayan, Pistons you purchase will typically have an indication of how they recommend you position the rings. Otherwise, I imagine the service manual for your engine may give you a hint.

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