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Practical Engine Building

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You said that we need to get a list of parts and components we will need for our build before we start building so we have the parts.

How do you know which components you will need? Do you start with the block and measure for fitment starting their or how do you go about that?

I have a F22 block with a H22 that i am trying to get at least 4-500hp out of. But how do i start with the calculations and measurements of tolerances and clearances

Hi Timothy, yes you will need to start ideally with the best condition block and head you can to help save you dollars in the build

by reading forums and researching skilled builders you should be able to gather the information you need keeping in mind the things you have learned from watching this course, often it is not the most expensive parts that make the best engine is is careful planning and budgeting and not rushing into the job that will produce the best engine

Regards Ross

Thanks Ross. So i want to do a f22 build for my Honda Civic (just to replace the old run b15). Shooting for about 300hp.

So between the head + block i will be able to calculate all the clearance and tolerances for my build? And in doing research i will be able to figure out what components if any need to be upgraded?

Apologies for the newbie questions but i am new and trying to learn

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