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Wrist pin clearance

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Hello hpa-community.

I'm building 3S-GTE engine. 2.0 turbo (similar to JZ, but 4 cyl). Aiming for 400-450hp. Forged pistons & forged rods with bronze bushings. Wrist pin diameter is 22mm. After measurements on new parts I've got these clearances:

-piston to pin - 0.010mm

-pin to conrod bushing - 0.015mm

Could you please tell, should I worry about "too tight clearances, galling" and start thinking about additional honing in this case? )



Clearances hould be OK, remember the piston will expand from the combustion heat, increasing the clearance, as will the pin to a lesser extent - what does "the book" say?

I assume you have oil squirters?


thanks. Forgot to mention squirters. Yes, I have 1 per cyl ).

Book says:

-piston to pin - no info? piston + pin sold as set by manufacturer.

-pin to conrod bushing - default clearance 0.005-0.011 max clearance: 0,05mm

PIN FITTING The pin bore is precision honed to attain an exact pin clearance. Depending on the application clearances typically range from .0003 to as much as .003 between the wristpin and pin bore.


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